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Based on the AGILE method, we focus on improving your processes adapted to technology. 

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Phase 1: Project Planning

Analysis and Goal Definition

We conduct a deep analysis of each area of the company with the client. We identify specific areas for improvement and the needs of the people working in the company on a daily basis. With this information, we define the project's goals and propose deliverables.


Calendar Planning

Once the project's goals and deliverables are defined, we create a schedule for the phases and deliverables to be completed with user validation. Each deliverable lasts a maximum of two weeks. This facilitates a straightforward implementation and provides a clear view of the project's timeline.


Team Designation

We create a team consisting of at least 4 individuals, including the following roles for the project: coordinator, director, technician, and developer.


The team communicates through an app like Microsoft Teams:

We create a working group with the designated profiles, including the client.

We conduct quick conversations about progress, questions, or situations.

We can comunicate as a group or individually with each member.

We avoid information loss.

Phase 2: Implementation

Adaptability- Centric Development

We develop short-term deliverables that will be continuously reviewed and validated by the client, users, and developers. This approach provides the flexibility needed for the proper adaptation of each functionality to the individual/team's work.


Team Monitoring

We use scrum techniques that allow us to monitor the progress of the implementation. The entire team is aware of the status of each part of the project and can provide their feedback. Communication and coordination between us and the client are essential to achieve system adaptation.

Planificación de calendario

Phase 3: Maintenance

Support (SLA)

Mantenemos un sistema de soporte a través de correo electrónico, web y/o teléfono, donde nuestro tiempo medio de respuesta es de 30 minutos con un máximo de 4 horas en nuestro horario laboral.


Update and Evolution

Trabajar con nosotros garantiza una actualización constante de los sistemas adquiridos, a la vez que estamos listos para seguir aportando asesoramiento y soluciones a medida que la empresa evolucione. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will the implementation process affect the company?

"How will the implementation process affect the company?We measure each of the processes and develop them in such a way that we have the least possible impact on the organization's functioning while the process is underway."

How long does it take to kick off the project?

Depending on our workload, the project can start within a maximum of 3 months from the project signing.

Can i advance or delay the program´s implentation?

If a specific date for program implementation works better, we assess that date and determine its feasibility.

How is post-support managed?

We provide support through a Hour Bank, which includes development, training, etc. The client contracts the hour bank according to their needs

What services does Overtel offer me?

We offer a comprehensive 'turnkey' project at various levels: Industrial Software including ERP, CRM, MES System, CMMS, etc.; Corporate cybersecurity and its monitoringR&D&I projects within the company, independently or with the support of technology centersIndustrial Organization Consulting (Lean Manufacturing, 5S systems, etc.)Support in training for Commercial Management and Assistance Management

How Overtel's methodology has transformed PICDA.

"We have a wealth of data that allows us to make decisions; decisions that save us costs, increase machine productivity, and provide us with knowledge of what we are doing and how we are doing it."

  • Joaquín López