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Manufacturing Execution System

Industry 4.0 Business Management Software

Connects the factory for digital and automated management

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Digital and Automated Factory Management 

Enables the integration of production processes into the decision-making scope, resulting in inmediate and continuous improvement across the company´s entire production system.

Therefore, INEXION allows the allocation of company resources towars decision-making and activities that yield higher profitability, with the certainty that all aspects that all respects related to production are being managed correctly according to the plan".

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Error-Free Communication

  • Digital exchange between the factory and the technical office.
  • Paperless

Real-Time Alerts

  • Program and receive alerts on your mobile device
  • Minimize reaction time to thw maximum

100% Reliable Stock and Performance

  • Record every material consumption and entry
  • Calculate the exact OEE index

Modular and Scalable

Activate the modules of the INEXION MES system based on your needs. In the future, you can expand


Order Sequencer


Machine Monitoring


Integration of Areas


Advanced Traceability


Dashboard a Interface


Proactivity and Monitoring


Quality Management


Data Collection


Energy Monitoring

Quick Return on Investment



In average manufacturing times

  • Sizing actual plant needs (material and human resources)
  • Key performance Indicators (KPIs) - OEE
  • More efficient than the competition



Customer lead time

  • 18% reduction in defective parts
  • Improved customer service


 1 Year

ROI in less than a year

  • Cost savings on claims and rejections

Frequently Asked Questions

How will it benefit my company?

INEXION MES makes it possible to automate and control all processes involved in the manufacturing of your products, significantly improving plant productivity and performance.

Who performs the implementation?

A team from Overtel is responsible for the entire process, from customer contact to on-site implementation, training, and development. For this, a Coordinator, Project Director, Implementer, and Developer are assigned, working together to ensure a successful implementation.

How long does it take?

The INEXION MES system can take approximately 2 to 3 months, but this duration may vary depending on specific case characteristics. You can book a demo to discuss your specific case

Will it adapt to my production plant?

Yes, it's a system adaptable to any type of industrial plant. Ask one of our consultants, and they will provide more specific information about your case.

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